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Journal of the Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea ISSN: 0023-1959

LLM Vol. 39 2021

LLM enters the 54th year of its life with the first article in our Book Reviews section. Craig Volker's review of Teaching Writing to Children in Indigenous Languages: Instructional Practices from Global Contexts edited by Ari Sherris and Joy Kreeft Peyton is particularly significant in this Decade of Indigenous Languages, declared by UNESCO. It is hoped that this review will assist teachers in the field and policy makers, alike.

LLM invites you now to fill this year's volume with your thoughts and contributions!



The Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea and the Editorial Board of our journal, Language and Linguistics in Melanesia (LLM) mourn the untimely passing of Professor John Lynch, one of the brightest stars in Austronesian and Papuan linguistics, and a man of rare humanity and strength. As a brilliant scholar, academic, and the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Papua New Guinea, he left an indelible mark on people’s lives in PNG and beyond. He was the dynamo that energized linguistic thought in Melanesia for more than half a century – not only through his own teaching and research, but also through his editorial work in Kivung (1971-1979) and LLM (1981- 1997). After almost 15 years of hibernation, LLM was re-born online in 2011, with John Lynch on the Editorial Board ever since. To read John’s reminiscences about the early days of Kivung in UPNG, please click on this link:

On behalf of the Editorial Board of LLM and the entire Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea, our Senior Editors, Malcolm Ross (ANU) and Robert Blust (University of Hawai'i) have written this tribute:


-- Reviewed by Leah Pappas (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)