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Journal of the Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea ISSN: 0023-1959

LSPNG 2022 International Zoom Conference hosted by UPNG in September!

LSPNG 2021 hybrid Conference

21 - 22 September 2021

Ukarumpa Training Centre, SIL-PNG

Eastern Highlands Province, PNG

Zoom location (to be announced)

Online Registration: 14th September

Email [email protected] to register your intent to participate, and in order to receive the Zoom link.

Online registration fee: Free

Ukarumpa Registration: 14th September

Email [email protected] to let us know that you'll be joining us at the Training Centre.

(If you're coming from outside of EHP, please register ASAP or by 31 August.)

Conference registration fee: K35

Visitors to Ukarumpa:

SIL Guesthouse would like to receive bookings for accommodation by 31st August.

Email: [email protected]

Message from SIL-PNG and President LSPNG 

Tok Save 16-07-2020

After consulting with linguistics colleagues at the UPNG and the University of Goroka, and due to international circumstances beyond our control (think COVID!), SIL-PNG has decided to cancel this year's Linguistic Society of PNG Annual Meeting, which was due to be hosted by SIL-PNG at the Training Center in Ukarumpa in September. Please stay tuned for details about the 2021 Meeting, which SIL-PNG (also) hope to host.

Ray Stegeman, SIL-PNG Linguistics Office Coordinator

Message endorsed by: Sakarepe Kamene, LSPNG President